Turmeric powder is a spice that comes from the turmeric plant root. It is commonly used in Asian food. There is no doubt that turmeric powder is a precious gift of nature. Because so many of us use so much turmeric powder for every single thing. The place of turmeric powder in Ayurveda is not retail. Medications that do not contain turmeric powder are very rare. It is the medicinal properties that make turmeric powder the most important.


We all know about the unique medicinal benefits of turmeric powder. It is one of the most effective remedies for any ailment. There is no doubt that turmeric powder is very rich in health benefits. Turmeric powder can solve any health and beauty crisis in a matter of minutes. It is the medicinal properties that make turmeric is the most important.

Turmeric powder has the ability to absorb toxins and make them non-toxic. We use turmeric powder not only for health and beauty but also for spiritual things.

Turmeric has the ability to prevent even cancer. Moreover, the fact is that turmeric has the ability to heal wounds and heal wounds, no matter how large. In many ways, We use turmeric not only in curries but also in combination with milk as a health drink, Turmeric is used in many ways.


  • Turmeric powder as a spice in curries
  • Turmeric powder as content in cosmetics
  • Turmeric powder used as a cosmetic
  •  Turmeric powder used as a medicine
  • Used as antifungal
  • Used as anti-inflammatory medicine


     TURMERIC known in hindi as haldi

     TURMERIC known in malayala as manjal

     TURMERIC known in tamil as majal

      TURMERIC known in bengali as haluda

       TURMERIC  known in Gujarati as haladara

       TURMERIC known in telugu is Pasupu

turmeric powder

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