Karuppatti (Palm Jaggery or Pananchakkari) is a natural sweetener and an energy food that is obtained in block form. It is made from the sap of the palm tree. Karupatti is enriched with iron and some basic nutrients such as magnesium and potassium. It can be used to make candies, toffees, jaggery, and other confections.



Warehouse of Minerals

Minerals are essential for resolving health problems and for health. But we get twice as many minerals from eating palm jaggery/ karupatti.As we do from the food we eat. So it is good to makepalm jaggery a habit. Minerals are very helpful for health.

Panam jaggery/karupatti is a storehouse of energy.

 It helps a lot in health. In case of extreme fatigue and fatigue, it is enough to mix it with a little bit of palm jaggery and drink it. Therefore, karupatti helps in eliminating fatigue and tiredness.

Toxins cause various problems in the body to cleanse the body. We face many problems with health care. The main reason for this is often the toxin. Therefore, it is possible to eat a little palm jaggery to overcome such conditions. It helps a lot in health. Eating a small amount of palm jaggery every day helps in expelling toxins.



  • Used to eliminate fever and colds with Panam jaggery.
  • Used for resolving the crisis of constipation because, it eliminates the problem of constipation.
  • Used as a pain killer. A little palm jaggery helps in relieving conditions like migraine. Eating palm jaggery is a great remedy for headaches, no matter how severe they may be. Grind a teaspoon of palm jaggery and it becomes a good painkiller

            palam jaggery known in malayala is karupatti

            palm jaggery known in tamil is panai vellam

            palm jaggery known in bengali is khejura gura

            palm jaggery known in gujrati is khajura gola

             palm jaggery known in telungu is tati bellam

            palm jaggey known in hindi is taad ka gud



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