100% pure coconut oil


Coconut Oil is the most consuming cooking oil of Kerala, the god’s own country. A majority of foods and dishes coming under Kerala culinary wholeheartedly accepts coconut oil and 90% of Kerala kitchens and housewives have non detachably depends on coconut oil. It has everything that you would prefer from high quality cooking oil. Undoubtedly it adds taste to dishes, especially to fish and meat. Coconut oil contains a lot of healthy fatty acids, the medical science has proved coconut has a large number of health benefits including the boosting power of heart health, encourages fat burning, it has antimicrobial effects, it reduces hunger,  reduce seizures, raises HDL (good) cholesterol, protects skin, hair and teethes. In Ayurveda, coconut oil plays a key role especially in the area of women's beauty care, it has the power to make hair grow longer in women, the vitamins and fatty acids coconut oil help nourish the scalp and penetrates the cuticle of the hair. Coconut oil is something unparalleled 

coconut oil

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