Things to know about Agmark Honey


*Natural honey is 100% pure and is collected from wild beehives from the deep forests.

*In Kerala, forests in the Western Ghats produce most of the cultivation of natural honey. This honey comes from the fluid of medicinal flowers of the forests.

*Agmark is a grading system vested in agricultural products in India. Agmark honey is considered the quality honey available in the Indian market. It assures that the product holds a set of standards approved by the grading and marketing inspection agency of India.

*Agmark Grading is classified into three as follows: Standard, Grade A, and Special. Grade A and Special are meant for export as it is considered as top quality.

*Agmark Honey ensures a health boost. It is an easy and excellent source of nutrition and other necessary health elements. It is a natural immunity booster.

*Natural honey is considered an agent of bodyweight management. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties which will boost the human body's immunity system.

*Honey strengthens the immunity system to fight even against cancer and heart diseases.

*Our company SPICECLIQ provides Agmark with top-quality honey. It is 100% pure and natural.

*Our dealers ensure to satisfy our customers with the presentation of the well-packed product.

*We value your time, need, and health by providing the Agmark Grade A honey as it is completely natural and pure.



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