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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Spicecliq has been reigning the kitchens across the world over the years, by offering premium quality organic condiments. Nurtured on the lush-greenregions of Western Ghats and carefully hand-picked by plant experts, our spices can give life to any kind of foodand bring a delicious burst on your taste palate. By integrating high grade packing, we ensure to retain the same freshness and aroma of spices, acquired from the farm till its delivered to you. Backed with considerable years of experience in spice farming, we adhere to ethical trade practices and hold relevant business licenses. While our spices boast of being superior quality, its prices are quite easy on pockets. In fact, our rates are on par with those offered in local markets. All these years we have been thus consistent in earning several happy customers with satisfied appetites.

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