kerala spices

1) Malabar Pepper

One of the most sought-after condiment in ancient times, Malabar Pepper is the much spicier variety of pepper. Apparently, that is what it makes to be the world’s first quality pepper. While it appears to be relatively smaller than the imported ones, Malabar Pepper is high in ‘piperine’ content.


2) Kerala Cardamom

One of the specialities of Kerala cardamom is that it is rich in aroma and taste. That is because it contains more oil content. What makes it stand apart from other varieties of cardamom is that it appears to be much greener in colour. When compared to the imported types, Kerala cardamom is smaller in size.


3) Kerala Cinnamon

The Kerala cinnamon is far different from the cassia in terms of colour and flavour. The former is much lighter in colour. It gives out a delicate flavour since the content level of coumarin is quite lower than cassia. And this is what makes Kerala cinnamon more healthy and safer option.


4) Kerala Spices

Globally popular since age-old era, the spices from Kerala are highly regarded for being the finest quality of condiments. The spices are mostly grown on terrains that have soil rich in natural bio elements. Plus, the cool climate plays a major role in helping the spice plants grow in full bounty and in healthy manner. All these factors promote the production of good quality products in large numbers.

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