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Benefits of Stingless Bee Honey

 Kerala, is the district famous for pure and natural Stingless Bee Honey. It also known as small bee honey, it’s a very sweet liquid. Small bee honey has lot of medicinal properties, and in Ayurveda the Rishi medicinal science of India gives much importance to small bee honey. It plays a pivotal role in the matter of reducing body weight; it’s supportive to reducing beer belly. Small honey has the power to reduce obesity; it can be used as food and medicine. It has many health benefits; small honey improves heart health, wound healing and improves the antioxidant status of blood. Small honey is doubly nutritious than ordinary honey. It has everything that you would prefer from a sweet liquid enriched with lot of health benefits. The advantages of small bee honey has been scientifically proved, small wild growing plants and trees are the collecting place of nectar and pollen, stingless bee honey is considered as medicinal having the healing capacity.

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